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Watch History

Watch History

Watch History:  History of watches

The clock in its various formats, is used as a measure of time since antiquity. The earliest sundials were probably used by gnomons. History records that, around 600 BC, Judea, were the water clocks and hourglasses.

In 850 AD, the Pacific, the Archbishop of Verona, built a mechanical clock based on gears and weights. There are controversies about construction of the first mechanical watch. A current manufacturer considers the French monk Gerbert, who reigned under the name of Sylvester II. Other major builders and improvers of watches were Walinfard of Ricardo (1344), Santigo of Dondis (1344) and his son John Dondis, which became known as “Horologius” and Henry Vick (1370). The first pocket watch in Nuremberg was built by Peter Henlein. Finally, in 1595, Galileo Galilei discovered the Law of the Pendulum. 2200 years after the first watch made in Judea.

With mechanical clocks appeared a variety of techniques of recording the passage of time. Clocks of this type can be pendulum quartz or timers.

Watch History:  The most accurate clocks are atomic.

Watch History:  Wristwatch.
The first watches used by people were pocket watches. They were very rare and taken as true gems, because few had one. Pocket watches were a symbol of high-class.

The wristwatch was actually invented by Patek Philippe company at the end of the nineteenth century, although it is usual to characterized by error. Santos Dumont the laurels of the invention of this sport watch.

This assignment came from Princess Elizabeth, then exiled in France, gave Dumont a medal of St. John the Baptist. Anxious not to be hurt by the medal around his neck, he put it on the wrist. Then he had the idea of ​​tying a watch on your wrist to check their flight times. Santos Dumont then ordered his jeweler friend, Louis Cartier, to make a watch that goes on the wrist, so that he could better his timing stopovers experiences.

In March 1904, Cartier introduced him what is regarded, mistakenly, the first wristwatch in the world, christened Santos leather strap. However, wristwatches were already known and used before. What happened is that they were mainly female and props were usually custom. In fact, the Santos Dumont fit popularization of the wristwatch for men.

The First World War was the definitive landmark in the watch, as the soldiers needed a practical way to tell time.

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